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The European Association for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (EACPT) has its origins in a working party brought together under the auspices of the World Health Organisation (WHO-Europe) in the early 1980s. The chairman of the working party was Prof Folke Sjöqvist (Sweden) and some ten European countries were represented on the working party. Over the years the group produced a number of published papers on the organisation of Clinical Pharmacology, the teaching of CPT and concerns such as primary care involvement with clinical pharmacology. In the early 1990s some members of this group met in Verona (Italy) to consider creating a Europe wide body to encourage clinical pharmacology and therapeutic interests throughout Europe. After consultation across Europe a committee was created in 1993 under the chairmanship of Prof Folke Sjöqvist with the remit to prepare the first congress of EACPT which was held in Paris in 1995. At that congress a formal constitution was agreed by the Council (formed by representative delegates from all countries involved). Members of Council elected an Executive Committee with Prof Sjöqvist as chairman, Prof Michael Orme (UK) as Honorary Secretary, Prof Jochen Kuhlmann (Germany) as Treasurer and Prof Giampaolo Velo (Italy) as Vice-Chairman. At that stage there were 26 European Countries in membership of EACPT through the Clinical Pharmacology society or section in their home country.

The first EACPT Congress in Paris was organised by Prof Georges Cheymol and his colleagues and was a successful and pleasant occasion with over 1000 delegates present. After the Paris Congress there was a similar sized and very successful congress in Berlin organized by Prof Ivar Roots and co-workers in 1997 and a smaller congress in Jerusalem in 1999 organised by Prof Micha Levy and his team. A smaller congress was organised so as not to clash too much with the larger IUPHAR (CPT) and EACPT sponsored congress which was held in Florence in 2000. In Jerusalem a new Executive Committee was elected by the Council (now with delegates from 29 European Countries and the main changes were the election of Prof Velo as chairman and Prof Kim Brøsen (Denmark) as Vice-chairman.

The Florence congress organised by Prof Giamapolo Velo (Italy) and his colleagues was very successful with some 2000 delegates from all over the world and this was followed in 2001 by the V EACPT Congress in Odense (Denmark), which was presided over by Prof Kim Brøsen. In 2003 the VI EACPT Congress was held in Istanbul and in spite of concerns over the war, which broke out in neighbouring Iraq some three months before the congress, our worries were relieved by the presence of over 700 delegates. In Istanbul we welcomed more countries into membership of EACPT so that we now have 32 countries as part of the EACPT family. We also had new elections for the Executive Committee from among the Council members which was also substantially changed as many delegates had served the two terms (of four years each) which is the maximum allowed by the Statutes (which see). The new officers elected were Prof Michael Orme (UK) as chairman, Prof Ingolf Cascorbi (Germany) as Treasurer, Prof Nicholas Moore (France) as Vice-chairman and Prof John Cockcroft (UK) as Honorary Secretary.

In 2005 EACPT held a relatively small congress in Poznan (Poland), which was organised by Prof Alexander Mrozikiewicz and his team. The congress was particularly aimed at colleagues in Eastern Europe and some 500 delegates attended. This congress was followed in 2007 by a very well attended (some 1000 delegates) VIII EACPT Congress organised in Amsterdam by Prof Jan Schellens and his colleagues. This congress of high scientific quality was also the first since 2001 to be financially successful. In Amsterdam there were substantial changes to the Council membership (following the election of new delegates by member countries) and a new Executive Committee was elected with Prof Ingolf Cascorbi (Germany) in the chair. The other officers elected were Prof Nicholas Moore (France) as vice-chairman, Prof John Cockcroft (UK) as secretary and Prof Adam Vas (Hungary) as Treasurer.

In 2009 and Prof. David Web and Simon Maxwell organised the IX EACPT Congress Edinburgh, which was attended by more than 800 delegates from five continents. This was followed by the X EACPT Congress, held in Budapest in 2011, chaired by Prof. Adam Vas. Adam Vas, who passed in 2014, will be always remembered. This congress was almost as profitable in economic terms for the EACPT as the Amsterdam Congress. These consequtive successes allowed the EACPT to undertake an ambitious program to increase our visibility and enhance the participation of European CP in the activities of EACPT. In Budapest the EACPT Executive Committee underwent substantial changes. Prof. Gonzalo Calvo was appointed as Chair, and Prof. Tabassome Simon as Vice-Chair. Prof. Donald Singer (Secretary) and Prof. Kari Kivisto (Treasurer) completed the officer staff of this new EC. At that time, the EACPT Council approved a renewed EACPT statutes and by-laws, that were to come into action after formal registration according to the German law.

In 2011 the EACPT celebrated its XI Congress in Geneva, chaired by Prof. Dayer, and organised by Drs. Marie Besson and Caroline Samer. Despite being the most critical point of the global economic crisis, the organisers managed to attract more than 600 attendees to an exciting and very well organised meeting. At that meeting, the EACPT Council elected Prof. Tabassome Simon as EACPT Chair-elect and approved a strategic plan that included a number of new approaches to increase the networking capacity of EACPT and the visibility of our society.

Executive Committee membership since the inception of EACPT.

The European Association for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics ( EACPT ) was founded at a meeting in Verona in 1993 following on from work conducted by the European Office of WHO. At that stage the key aims of EACPT were developed and the Statutes prepared which were confirmed at the first full meeting in Paris in 1995.

Membership of the Interim Committee of EACPT 1993-1995

ChairmanProf Folke SjöqvistSweden
Vice-ChairmanProf Georges CheymolFrance
SecretaryProf Michael OrmeUnited Kingdom
Treasurer†Prof Norbert RietbrockGermany
CouncillorsProf Pierre BechtelFrance
 Prof Jochen KuhlmannGermany
 Prof Joan-Ramon LaporteSpain
 Prof Per Knut LundeNorway
 Dr Leo OfferhausNetherlands
 Dr Allan StruthersUnited Kingdom
 Prof Giampaolo VeloItaly

Membership of EACPT Executive Committee

1995 -1999 

ChairmanProf Folke SjöqvistSweden
Vice-ChairmanProf Giampaolo VeloItaly
TreasurerProf Jochen KuhlmannGermany
SecretaryProf Michael OrmeUnited Kingdom
CouncillorsProf Marc BogaertBelgium
 Prof Kim BrøsenDenmark
 Prof Pierre DayerSwitzerland
 Prof Patrice JaillonFrance
 Prof Joan-Ramon LaporteSpain
 Prof Ivar RootsGermany
 †Prof Bozidar VrhovacCroatia
Honorary PresidentsProf Georges Cheymol
( on Committee 1995 -1999 )
 †Prof Norbert Rietbrock
( on Committee 1997 – 1999 )

1999 – 2003

ChairmanProf Giampaolo VeloItaly
Vice-ChairmanProf Kim BrøsenDenmark
TreasurerProf Jochen KuhlmannGermany
SecretaryProf Michael OrmeUnited Kingdom
CouncillorsDr Angeliki IliopoulouGreece
 Prof Patrice JaillonFrance
 †Professor Alexander MroziliewiczPoland
 Dr Lembit RagoEstonia
 Prof Anders RaneSweden
 Prof Jan SchellensNetherlands
 Prof Vitan VlahovBulgaria
Past ChairmanProf Folke SjöqvistSweden
Honorary PresidentsProf Micha Levy
(On Committee 1999- 2003 )
 †Prof Norbert Rietbrock
( On Committee 1999- 2001 )

2003 – 2007

ChairmanProf Michael OrmeUnited Kingdom
Vice-ChairmanProf Nicholas MooreFrance
TreasurerProf Ingolf CascorbiGermany
SecretaryProf John CockcroftUnited Kingdom
CouncillorsProf Nicolas BoadaSpain
 Dr Kim DalhoffDenmark
 Dr Jules DesmeulesSwitzerland
 Prof Igor FranceticCroatia
 Prof Piero GeppettiItaly
 Prof Anders RaneSweden
 Prof Jan SchellensNetherlands
 Prof Adam VasHungary
Past ChairmanProf Giampaolo VeloItaly
Honorary PresidentsProf Kim Brøsen
( On Committee 2003 – 2007 )
 Prof Alexander Mrozikiewicz
( On Committee 2005 – 2007)
 Prof Cankat Tulunay
( On Committee 2003 – 2007 )
Co-optedProf David WebbUnited Kingdom
 Prof Przemyslaw MrozikiewiczPoland

2007 – 2011

ChairmanProf Ingolf CascorbiGermany
Vice-ChairmanProf Nicholas MooreFrance
SecretaryProf John CockcroftUnited Kingdom
Treasurer†Prof Adam VasHungary
CouncillorsProf Gunnar AlvanSweden
 Prof G Calvo RojasSpain
 Prof Pierangelo GeppettiItaly
 Dr Simon MaxwellUnited Kingdom
 Prof Milos StojiljkovicSerbia
 Prof Theo de VriesNetherlands
 Prof Lilia ZiganshinaRussian Federation
Past ChairmanProf Michael OrmeUnited Kingdom
Honorary Presidents†Prof Alexander Mrozikiewicz
( on committee 2007 – 2009 )
 Prof Jan Schellens
( on Committee 2007 – 2011 )
 Prof Giampaolo Velo
( on committee 2007 – 2011 )
Co-optedProf Kim BrøsenDenmark
 Prof David WebbUnited Kingdom

2011 – 2015

ChairmanProf. Gonzalo CalvoSpain
Chairperson-ElectProf. Tabassome SimonFrance
SecretaryProf. Donald SingerUnited Kingdom
TreasurerProf. Kari Kivistö, FinlandFinland
CouncillorsDr Caridad PontesSpain
 Pr Ylva BöttigerSweden
 Pr Gerard RongenThe Netherlands
 Prof. Matthias SchwabGermany
 Prof. Edoardo SpinaItaly
 Prof. Dinko VitezićCroatia
Past ChairmanProf. Ingolf CascorbiGermany
Co-OptedProf. Simon MaxwellUnited Kingdom
 Prof. Theo de VriesThe Netherlands
 Prof. Kim BrøsenDenmark
 Dr Marie BessonSwitzerland
 Dr Caroline SamerSwitzerland
 Prof Petra ThürmannGermany

2015 – 2017

ChairmanProf. Tabassome SimonFrance
Chairperson-ElectPr Ylva BöttigerSweden
SecretaryProf. Simon MaxwellUnited Kingdom
TreasurerProf Janne BackmannFinland
CouncillorsDr Caridad PontesSpain
 Prof. Matthias SchwabGermany
 Pr Gerard RongenThe Netherlands
 Prof. Edoardo SpinaItaly
 Prof. Dinko VitezićCroatia
Past ChairmanProf. Gonzalo CalvoSpain
Co-OptedProf. Donald SingerUnited Kingdom

2017 – 2019

ChairmanYlva Böttiger Sweden
Chairperson-ElectJamie ColemanUnited Kingdom
SecretaryCaroline SamerSwitzerland
TreasurerProf Janne BackmannFinland
CouncillorsEmilio ClementiItaly
 Markus ZeitlingerAustria
 Gerard RongenThe Netherlands
 Pierre MarquetFrance
 Achim SchmidtkoGermany
Jolanta GulbinovicLituania
Past ChairmanTabassome SimonFrance
Co-OptedProf. Donald SingerUnited Kingdom
Gerard RongenThe Netherlands
Arantxa Sancho LópezSpain
Michiel Van AgtmaelThe Netherlands
  Vangelis MonolopoulosGreece

2019 – 2021

ChairmanJamie ColemanUnited Kingdom
Chairperson-ElectPierre MarquetFrance
SecretaryArantxa Sancho LópezSpain
TreasurerAchim SchmidtkoGermany
CouncillorsMarkus ZeitlingerAustria
 Annalisa CapuanoSpain
 Gerard RongenThe Netherlands
 Miia TurpeinenFinland
 Helena GlasovaSlovakia
David WilliamsIreland
Past ChairmanYlva BöttigerSweden
Co-OptedVangelis MonolopoulosGreece
Michiel Van AgtmaelThe Netherlands
Caroline SamerSwitzerland
Janne BackmanFinland
Isabella EkhedenSweden
  Pau AlcubillaSpain

EACPT Congresses since the Foundation of EACPT.

 CityDatesYearCongress President
I CongressParisSeptember 27th – 30th1995Prof Cheymol
II CongressBerlinSeptember 17th -21st1997Prof Roots
III CongressJerusalemOctober 3rd – 8th1999Prof Levy
IV CongressFlorenceJuly 15th – 20th2000Prof Velo
V CongressOdenseSeptember 12th -15th2001Prof Brøsen
VI CongressIstanbulJune 25th – 28th2003Prof Tulunay
VII CongressPoznanJune 25th – 29th2005Prof Mrozikiewicz
VIII CongressAmsterdamAug 28th –Sept 1st2007Prof Schellens
IX CongressEdinburghJuly 12th – 15th2009Prof Webb
X CongressBudapestJune 26th – 29th2011Prof Vas
XI CongressGenevaAugust 28th – 31st2013Prof Dayer
XII CongressMadridJune 27th – 30th2015Prof Avendaño Solá
XIII CongressPragueJune 24th – 27th2017Prof Grundmann
XIV CongressStockholmJune 29th to July 2nd 2019Prof Ylva Böttiger

EACPT Summer Schools

1st Summer SchoolAntalyaTurkey31.10-1.11.2001Prof Tulunay
2nd Summer SchoolBudapestHungary11.-15.9.2003Prof Vas
3rd Summer SchoolSofiaBulgaria22-25.9.2004Prof Vlahov
4th Summer SchoolVrsacSerbia16-20.9.2006Prof Stojiljkovic
5th Summer SchoolGhentBelgium24-27.8.2007Prof van Bortel
6th Summer SchoolMadridSpain14-16.7.2008Prof Portolés and Prof. Calvo
7th Summer SchoolAlexandroupolisGreece19-22.09.2009Prof Manolopoulos
8th Summer SchoolDresdenGermany30.09-02.10.2010Prof Cascorbi and Prof Kirch
9th Summer SchoolAmsterdamNetherlands23-25.8.2012Prof de Vries
10th Summer SchoolEdinburghUnited Kingdom4-6.7.2013Prof Webb and Prof. Maxwell

EACPT Focus Meetings

1st Focus Meeting – Drugs to fight cardiovascular damageNijmegenNetherlands3-5.7.2014Prof Rongen
2nd Focus Meeting – How to Assess Medicines from Research to Clinical Practice?OpitijaCroatia6-9.10.2016Prof Vitezić
3rd Focus Meeting – Innovations in Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics EducationBirminghamUnited Kingdon7-8.09.2018Prof van Agtmael and Prof Coleman
Virtual Focus Meeting. Progress in Clinical Pharmacology onlineJune 28-29 2021Prof. Jamie Coleman