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of the European Association for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics



Delegate Numbers on Council


  1. Dependant on the regular payment of their annual dues, members may send one delegate to the Council in so far as they have between 2 and 49 individuals as members of their national association. If they have between 50 and 199 members of their national association they may send two delegates and they may send three delegates if their national association has between 200 and 399 individual members. If their national association has more than 400 individuals in membership they may send 4 delegates to the Council of the Association. In countries where there is more than one national association or society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics duplicate membership of those organizations shall be excluded in the final calculations of the membership numbers in order to avoid any double counting of national members.
  2. In so far as the dues have not been paid the right to vote shall be suspended.
  3. Every delegate has the right to vote primarily, but not exclusively in the election of members of the Executive Committee of the Association and in the subsequent election of officers of the Association and this right extends to delegates of the Affiliated Members. He or she may transfer that right to a delegate of their member association. The authorization to exercise this right shall be proved by a certificate of authority sent to the Secretary of the Association at least one month before the voting process begins
  4. The elections, which are to be carried out in rotation every two years, shall be carried out separately and the voting shall be by secret ballot using an electronic voting system. The eleven (11) members of Council who receive the highest number of votes shall be elected.
  5. In the election for Chairman-elect of the Association, should an absolute majority not be achieved in the first ballot, then a final ballot shall take place between the two candidates with the highest number of votes. In the case of a further tie the decision should be made by lot. For the remaining offices the simple majority of votes shall suffice.
  6. The Executive Committee shall present to Council members ( via the Returning Officer ) nominations for election to the new Executive Committee via the Nominating Committee, which shall be independent of the current Executive Committee and of the Council.


Nominating Committee


  1. The Nominating Committee shall consist of three individuals, distinguished in clinical pharmacological endeavour and drawn from three separate European countries and their names must be agreed by the current Executive Committee. The chairman of the Nominating Committee, who will co-ordinate the activities of the committee, shall normally be the immediate past chairman of the Executive Committee but must be an individual who has been on the committee in the recent past and will not be standing for election to that committee again.


Returning Officer


  1. The returning officer for the elections shall be the Chairman of the Nominating Committee.
  2. The Nominating Committee shall be asked to prepare a list of no less than seventeen (17) names drawn from the membership of the Council and out of which the Council will elect a maximum of eleven (11) persons to the Executive Committee. The Secretary of the Association shall have written to all members of Council so that any delegate who wishes to do so can suggest a candidate (or candidates) for consideration by the Nominating Committee. Self nomination is acceptable. These names must be received by the Returning Officer 5 months prior to the Council meeting.
  3. The Returning Officer shall write to all the individuals whose name has been put forward as a potential member of the Executive Committee to ensure that they are willing to stand for election. If they are so willing they will be asked to send a brief CV (half a side of A4 paper) to the Returning Officer so that these are received 4.5 months before the Council meeting. The CVs will be placed on the EACPT website.
  4. The Nominating Committee, in their preparation of the list at least seventeen names, must take into consideration the gender mix on the new Executive Committee and the geographical distribution of its members. It should not be possible for two members of the Executive Committee to be elected from the same country.
  5. The Nominating Committee shall also ( in the second step –see below ) prepare names from the list of the eleven newly elected members of the New Executive Committee, for consideration for election to the posts of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary of the Association. At least two names shall be suggested for each position.( see also Clause 14 below )
  6. The Returning Officer shall distribute to all members of Council the list of at least seventeen names prepared by the Nominating Committee at least four months in advance of the Council meeting and will refer delegates to the CVs of the candidates on the EACPT website. The lists shall be accompanied by a ballot paper from which the individual Council member shall select their choice of eleven names for the new Executive Committee. The completed ballot papers must be returned to the Returning Officer at least three months before the Council meeting.
  7. This first step in the election process shall be followed by the second step ( see clause 12 above ) in which Council members will choose names for election as Officers of EACPT from the list of eleven names elected to the New Executive Committee. The Nominating Committee will now suggest at least two names for each of the Officer positions (listed in clause 12) from the list of eleven names on the new Executive Committee, provided that two candidates who wish to stand can be found. The Returning Officer shall make sure that all candidates are prepared to stand. The list will be sent out at least two months before the Council meeting. Council members will vote for one of two names for each Officer Position and will submit their completed voting paper to the Returning Officer at least six weeks before the Council meeting.
  8. The votes shall be counted by the Nominating Committee. The individuals receiving the highest number of votes shall be deemed elected. In the event of a draw for a post as an officer, or in the event of no names coming forward for any particular officer post, there shall be a repeat ballot (by paper) at the Council meeting. The new Chairman-elect of the Executive Committee does not take up office until after they have been duly confirmed as elected by Council. In the event of a draw between two or more candidates for the last position (i.e. the eleventh (11th) position) on the Executive Committee, the decision will be made by lot.
  9. Spoiled voting papers shall be excluded from the ballot.
  10. The decision of the Nominating Committee shall be final.