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EACPT 2025 Helsinki, Finland

Mark the next Congress of the European Association for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics EACPT2025 Helsinki to your calendars! The congress will be held 28 June – 1 July, 2025 in Helsinki, Finland, in the main building of the University of Helsinki.
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EACPT Membership Changes from June 2024

The EACPT Executive Committee, together with the Councillor Delegates of each National Society, have decided to abrogate the figure of “individual membership”, in favour of the well-established status of National Society Member.

From 1st June 2024 onwards, the status of “individual membership” will no longer exist, and all interested parties in becoming members of EACPT will need to become members through their respective National Societies. Members of National Societies will continue to take advantage of all previous benefits without change, such as the possibility of actively participate in EACPT working groups, or to access EACPT webinars at a reduced fee. Colleagues that are not part of a National Society will still be able to join EACPT webinars and Congresses, at a special non-member fee rate.

As a consequence of the abrogation of the status of “individual membership”, the private section of the webiste (“Register”, “Login”) will disappear. In turn, the Executive Committee will closely work with National Societies to update the content of the webiste according to the needs and expectations from their National members, thereby fostering the connection and the interaction between EACPT and its affiliated National Societies.

Finally, the EACPT will apply an increase of the fees to National Societies of 6€ per member. This increase will allow to make a finantial update according to current times, and to maintain and even estimulate further EACPT activities in collaboration with National Societies.