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Clinical Research


The general mission of this working group is to increase the scientific basis of our discipline of Clinical Pharmacology by:

  1. Facilitating the interaction between Clinical Pharmacologist-scientists at European and Global level
  2. Increasing the visibility of high quality original clinical pharmacological research at EACPT meetings and the EACPT website.

To achieve this mission, we have prioritized the following goals and modi operandi:

  1. To increase mobility of young investigators in Clinical Pharmacology within Europe by bringing together research job opportunities and demands in Clinical Pharmacology for young investigators (PhD’s, post-docs) on the EACPT website. As a first step, we will map the research centers as well as training centers (Master and postgraduate) in Clinical Pharmacology throughout Europe.
  2. To create fora on the EACPT website where recent publications in Clinical Pharmacology are discussed and methodological problems can be shared and (hopefully) solved.

These activities will be executed in close collaboration with the working group ‘Young Clinical Pharmacologists’.

The misson statement and goals have been formulated during an initiation meeting at the EAPCT meeting in Madrid (2015) and further refined during discussions within the EACPT-executive committee.

The following clinical pharmacologists participated in the initiation meeting in Madrid:
Prof. Gerard A. Rongen, the Netherlands (chair), Prof. M. Schwab, Germany (co-chair), Dr. Caroline Samer, Switzerland (member),
Lucio Ghiglione, Spain, Antonio Portoles, Spain, Jesus Delgado, Spain, Eirini Apostolidous, Greece, Hoi Yan Tong, Spain, Gustavo Adolfo Centeno, Spain, Andrew Melli, Japan (and USA), Eunhee Chung, Japan, Farideh Javid, UK, Mohammed Ezzeldin, Spain, Borja Orol, Spain, Romuald Bellmann, Austria, Feliciano Cumaquela, Mozambique, Deolinda Hocucha, Mozambique, Joaquin Saez Penataro, Spain, Ruth Anancie Hdet, Spain, Francisco Javier F Gomet, Spain