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Publication of the month

Dear visitor,

On this webpage, the working groups ‘Clinical Research’ and ‘Young Clinical Pharmacologists’ organize a monthly contest of ‘the EACPT best publication in Clinical Pharmacology’.
The purpose of this contest is to make more visible to the world what type of research our community is doing. Furthermore, we want to increase interaction between Clinical Pharmacologists and facilitate discussions on methodology and implications of published research.

To make this work, we have made a set of rules:

  1. Each EACPT member can send a candidate publication to the webmaster (link to upload facility (only accessible after log-in): asks for link to pubmed-URL and for those publications that are freely accessible also the pdf)
  2. The webmaster gathers all received publications and posts papers published during the previous month by the first week of the next month (for example: papers published in December need to be received before the end of the first week of January and will be published on the website by the end of the first week of January).
  3. All EACPT-members are allowed to provide comments on these publications via a chatbox (link to chatbox, with log in) and can vote on the publication that they think is the best publication of the previous month (link to vote system with log-in; one vote per member per month).
  4. On this page, we will list all publications that were elected as ‘publication of the month’. By the end of the year, EACPT members can vote the ‘best publication of the year’ from this list.