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Prof. Janne Backman

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Prof. Janne Bachmann

Prof. Janne Backman, Finland


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Janne T. Backman (born in 1968) studied medicine at the University of Helsinki in Finland, and graduated in 1994. He completed his PhD in 1996, and specialist degree in clinical pharmacology in 2001. He is currently Professor in Clinical Pharmacology and Individual Medicine at Department of Clinical Pharmacology, University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital.

Apart from teaching clinical pharmacology to medical students, Backman is responsible for directing the training program for medical specialists in clinical pharmacology and he is vice director of the Doctoral Program for Drug Research at his university. He is a member of the National Committee on Medical Research Ethics in Finland, board member of The Finnish Society of Clinical Pharmacology (FSCP), and the current treasurer of EACPT.

Dr. Backman’s research interests have included drug–drug interactions, drug metabolism, pharmacogenetics, and other sources of individual variability in pharmacokinetics. Most recently, he has been particularly interested in mechanism-based inhibition of CYP enzymes, the role of metabolites as inhibitors of drug metabolism, CYP2C8-mediated drug-drug interactions, and interactions involving various kinase inhibitors. He has published about 150 original articles in international peer-reviewed journals, many of which have been cited frequently. In 2015, he was listed as Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher in “Pharmacology and Toxicology”.