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Clinical Pharmacology’s Support to Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has led to tremendous medical problems and need for support with medication, including need for information to avoid medication related problems. The European Association for Clinical Pharmacology represents the Clinical Pharmacology Societies from 29 countries in Europe (with members mostly from academia, partly from industry and regulation).

As a European umbrella organization, we would be happy to provide swift support for all kind of questions regarding drug therapy and medication in Ukraine, such as:

  • Translation of foreign drug labels
  • Drug dosing
  • Drug substitution (for non availability)
  • Drug-drug interactions and patient risks for adverse effects

We have opened up a hotline for all medication-related clinical questions arising in Ukraine, in particular with imported drugs, where European clinical pharmacologists or health professionals experts in medication can be reached to provide support.

To our Ukrainian colleagues and healthcare professionals: if you need any information about drugs, if you have medication- or therapy-related questions, or if you want to establish contacts with EACPT or any affiliated European clinical pharmacology society for career and education purposes, you are very welcome to use the following form to get in touch with us:

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