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2021 EACPT Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Professor Kim Brøsen from Denmark

The Award, which includes the EACPT silver medal, will be announced to Professor Brøsen on Tuesday 29th June 2021 during the upcoming virtual EACPT Focus Meeting. Prof. Brøsen will be formally invited to do the Award Lecture next year in the 2022 EACPT Athens Congress.

Kim Brøsen went through a remarkable career as physician and scientist whose discoveries and scientific results have fundamentally   contributed to clinical pharmacology and its development in the last decades.

Kim Brøsen has been a towering presence within European clinical pharmacology for 35 years. He is internationally recognized as an innovative, pioneering and leading researcher within human drug metabolism and pharmacogenomics. Kim Brøsen has been a strong developer and promoter of clinical pharmacology training and he has tirelessly pursued the implementation of clinical pharmacology as a medical specialty with a recognizable and respected professional identity. He has an elite publication record and resides deservedly among the Highly Cited Researchers within clinical pharmacology.

Kim Brøsen’s research has always been characterized by a deliberate and visible clinical approach in accordance with his position that clinical pharmacology as a medical specialty must strive to improve and support the medical treatment of patients. Kim Brøsen was among the true pioneers of pharmacogenomic research with numerous highly cited papers on the CYP2D6 polymorphism. Studies on imipramine metabolism and CYP2D6 polymorphism formed the basis of Kim Brøsen’s doctoral thesis in 1988. These studies resulted in one of his most important original discoveries that paroxetin is a strong in vivo inhibitor of CYP2D6 activity in humans. Kim Brøsen subsequently conducted a number of studies on the clinical relevance of CYP2D6 polymorphism to treatment with tricyclic antidepressants, especially imipramine and SSRIs, and opioids, especially codeine and tramadol. In recent years, Kim Brøsen has been increasingly involved in the role of drug transporters in human pharmacokinetics and -genomics. He is continuously providing substantial contributions to our understanding of the pharmacogenetics and -genomics of metformin, one of the most commonly prescribed antidiabetic drugs. Kim Brøsen has published more than 300 scientific papers as well as authored numerous national and international book chapters. He has been cited >13,500 times in the medical literature and has a CSI Hirsch Index of 66. Kim Brøsen has been the principal supervisor for more than 28 PhD students.

Kim Brøsen is known for his strong strategic competences and his ability to create and nurse national and international networks. Not least, he is known for his inspiration and support to young researchers and Kim Brøsen is genuinely appreciated for his overall academic and social generosity.

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