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WG‐1 Research on CPT education
Chairman – Jelle Tichelaar
•Bogdan Tamba, MR Porteles, Isabel Lucena Mission statement
•To stimulate and improve research on CPT education in order to improve CPT education in European countriesProjects
•Review of CPT education in European countries (EsC report 2015)
•Development of European learning outcomes paper (for Clinical Therapeutics
•Multicentre CPT education interventions
•Multicentre validation of assessment methods


WG‐2 Network of European Teachers
Chairman – Michel van Agtmael
•Michel van Agtmael, Bogdan Tamba Mission statement
•To create a network of academic CPT teachers in European Universities: Network of European Teachers in Therapeutics (NETT)Projects
•Build a network for European pharmacology and pharmacotherapy teachers
•Create a linked‐in open group

WG-3 Meetings on CPT education
Chairman – Emilio Sanz
Current members
•Theo de Vries Mission statement
•To foster the organization of educational activities. Among the most relevant ones are “summer schools” and satellite symposium on education before/after the EACPT Congress, as well as the educational sessions within the EACPT conferences. The group will also help and facilitates the organization of educational activities within the Country members, collaborating with the local organizing committee.Projects
•Organizing Education symposia at EACPT Congresses (every 2 years)
•Organizing EACPT Summer Schools on Education (every 4 years)
•Organizing pre/post satellite mini Summer School at the EACPT Congresses
•Working visits to best practices in European universities (possibly by means of Erasmus funding, after its full reorganization).


WG-4 EsC education website
Chairman Robert Likic
Current members
•Robert Likic, Simon Maxwell, BogdanTamba Mission statement
•To provide information and materials for CPT teachers (in Europe)Projects
•Development of a website for CPT education as an integrated part on the new EACPT website, containing: –Information about the EsC, the 5 new working groups and the WG projects –Materials for educators (and students?) –Interesting website links for educators –Agenda for the EsC activities etc

WG-5 Postgraduate CPT training
Chairman – Sandor Kerpel-Fronius
•Sandor Kerpel-Fronius Mission statement
•Life‐long training of clinical pharmacologists for the continuous improvement of their competencies in academic, health care and industrial environment.Projects
•Evaluation of European postgraduate clinical pharmacology training programs
•EsC template for CP training programs