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Welcome to EACPT

[wm_separator_heading align=”left” tag=”h1″ type=”line” class=”” id=””]Dear colleagues,[/wm_separator_heading]

It is our great pleasure to introduce the new EACPT website, which has been developed during the last year to meet the needs of a dynamic society such as EACPT. The EACPT Council approved at its meeting in Geneva on August 2013, a new strategic plan to enhance the visibility and networking capacity of our society. Now, the time to implement this plan has arrived and for this purpose a powerful tool like this website is paramount.

[wm_separator_heading align=”left” tag=”h2″ class=”” type=”line” id=””]The EACPT strategic plan included the following key aspects[/wm_separator_heading]

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  • Enhance the participation of individuals in the activities of EACPT and strengthen the partnership between EACPT and its affiliated National Societies. EACPT is aware that national societies are the pillars of the clinical pharmacology community in Europe. EACPT wishes to reinforce this essential role and at the same time engage individuals to take a more active participation in activities within our field. With this aim, the EACPT has created EACPT-Associate Individuals Membership (EACPT-AIM). EACPT-AIM program is intended to reinforce the role of national societies while creating channels of communication between clinical pharmacologists through Europe and worldwide. From our Madrid congress onward, registration to EACPT congresses will automatically convert attendees to EACPT-AIM for 1 year. In addition EACPT has made the effort to make the EACPT-AIM renewal something affordable for members of the EACPT affiliate societies.
  • Position the EACPT Congress as the world-leading meeting in clinical pharmacology. EACPT wishes to become a reference for the CP community worldwide, thus we will continue to attract professionals from outside of Europe. Traditionally, EACPT meetings have been of relevance to CPs from all 5 continents. EACPT can only respond with generosity to this growing interest.
  • EACPT intends to provide the opportunity to allow CPs from all over the world to work together, set up discussions and network around key scientific topics that matter to us. This initiative seeks to involve professionals of CP interested in collaborating with EACPT, with a particular focus on young professionals.


On behalf of the EACPT Executive Committee

Tabassome Simon


Tabassome Simon, Chairman