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[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][wm_tabs active=”1″ layout=”left”][wm_item title=”Account” icon=”icon-certificate”][wm_text_block]Notification Settings
Go to your profile settings. Here you can configure on what occasions you might want to get notified e.g. when a member sent you a message.

Delete account.
Independent from your membership with Multiregistration you can delete your account here. Only data belonging to your activity in this network will be deleted. If your membership with Multiregistration is valid you can recreate your account at any time. Of course it then will be a new account, data from your then previously deleted account will not be recovered.[/wm_text_block][/wm_item][wm_item title=”Profile” icon=”icon-user”][wm_text_block]Change your profile photo.
In your profile settings you’ll find a tab Change Profile Photo. Here you can simply upload an image of your choice. It will automatically be assigned as your new avatar for the network.

Edit your profile information.
Multiregistration handles all data that is displayed on your profile – your basic information, interests and professional contact details. Therefore the Edit link on your profile data redirects you to an external form where you can instantly change the information you want to. After updating that information you can fetch the new details by clicking Refresh Profile Data.

Post an update to the network.
If there is anything you would like to share with the community such as an interesting link or images it can be done from the update box you can find on top of the network activity page or your own wall. Everything you share here is visible to all members which then can favorite or comment on your post.[/wm_text_block][/wm_item][wm_item title=”Publications” icon=”icon-book”][wm_text_block]For now only publications that are available in PubMed can be added. Later it might be possible to add publications as files as well.

Add Publications
In order to add one you go to your publications tab on your profile where you simply click Add Publication and enter the Pubmed Id of the publication.

Delete Publications
If you would like to delete an entry from your publications list simply click delete in the actions column for that particular item.[/wm_text_block][/wm_item][wm_item title=”Messaging” icon=”icon-comment”][wm_text_block]If you would like to communicate with a network member directly and private you can use the messaging service on your profile page. Your inbox holds every message sent/received. You can search for, reply to and delete messages from here.

Create a new message
In your messaging area click on the tab Compose. A new form appears where you can query for the member you would like to send a message to. You can add multiple recipients also. Add the subject and the message and simply send it.

Every profile also has a send private message link that means you can send a new message to a member via their profile as well.[/wm_text_block][/wm_item][wm_item title=”Network” icon=”icon-users”][wm_text_block]Search for members
Looking for a member? Go to the members page and browse or search him/her there.

View community news
See what is shared by the members on the activity page. Everything shared, forum news and news are visible here. You can comment on most of them. Favorite them etc. From here you can also post anything interesting may it be a photo or web link. [/wm_text_block][/wm_item][/wm_tabs][/vc_column][/vc_row]